Dyson DC58 Animal Handheld Vacuum Review

Dyson DC58 Animal Handheld Vacuum Review

Dyson’s newest handheld vacuum cleaner is leaps and bounds ahead of the previous model with a 20 minute run time, a boost suction button that allows for super-powerful cleaning for up to 6 minutes and durable Lithium ion battery.

The Dyson DC58 Animal Handheld has a hygienic emptying function too, just a button that allows the dust and debris to fall directly into the bin – no more dusty hands trying to take it apart!

With stiff bristles on the vacuum foot, hard-to-remove fibres like pet hairs are forced out of carpets and sucked up with ease. This ensures that the new DC58 Animal is an excellent tool for those areas of the house and car where dirt, dust and hair is often walked into the carpet such as entryways and footwells.

Lightweight and ergonomic, this Dyson DC58 has a comfortable handle that makes it easy to manoeuvre for young and old alike. With a range of add-on tools for crevice vacuuming and tougher spots, this is an all-round excellent vacuum that will make the place look spick and span when you’ve only got ten minutes until the dinner guests turn up.

Key Points:

  • Runtime: 20 minutes
  • 6kg with weight balanced for comfort
  • Hygienic button operated disposal
  • 28 Air Watts
  • 6 minutes of Boost time at 100 Air Watts
  • Charge time: 3.5 hours


Neat, clever and no unattractive, the new Dyson DC58 Animal Handheld is designed within an inch of its life. No part of this highly practical household appliance is excessive nor are there any sections that haven’t been perfectly though through. It’s easy to see when you first pick it up, that the weight distribution and handle comfort has been one of the primary design specs because there’s no hint of awkwardness.

Ergonomic Design

The handle allows you to control everything without having to move your hand. Not only is the power button there, the hygienic waste dump button is too. Meaning this is really a one handed job. Despite the controls on the ergonomic handle, the DC58 Animal is designed so you don’t accidentally press something you don’t want it. It’s pure, easy and surprising simple.

The primary vacuuming section, where it touches the surface or carpet, is a motorised bar with nylon bristles to force hair, fibres, dust and dirt up out of the carpet. Amazing effective, you’ll never find yourself needing to go over the same spot twice and you’ll be amazed at how easily debris is eradicated.

Thanks to these stiff bristles, high-tread areas like stairs, entryways and cars no longer have to always have that slightly dingy, trampled look. The DC58 will draw out the hair, dust and dirt with immense cleaning power.

Dyson DC58 is the Most Powerful Handheld Vacuum

The motor in the DC58 handheld is where Dyson really comes into its own. The Digital V6 motor spins over 100,000 times a minute and is 3x faster than normal vacuum motors. This is at the heart of why the DC range is so powerful and so effective. Even the finest dust particles are captured and removed thanks to the 15 cyclones in 2 tiers, leaving your home and car cleaner than you even thought possible.

With 28 Air Watts on normal setting, this is already a highly powerful machine but with the addition of the Boost setting (which lasts for 6 minutes), you can benefit from 100 Air Watts! This means even the most stubborn areas will look good as new again.

Longer life than predecessors

The biggest complaint with the DC58 Animal’s predecessors was the battery life and although this range is designed to be used for short tasks, Dyson certainly listened. Completely re-engineering the battery, this new DC58 Animal now has a life span of 20 minutes or 17 minutes if you’re using the motorised tool with it. This is a huge difference and really makes the DC58 worth having in your home.

Tools and Attachments

Whether it’s animal hair, car footwell dirt, cobwebs or just plain old household debris, the DC58 Handheld can cope with it. With a range of attachments included, it has everything you need for a fast clean up. The crevice tool slots on easily to enable corners, skirting boards and the fiddly bits in cars to be as clean as new, while the mini motorised tool provides instant eradication of animal hairs, even those trampled deep into the carpet. The wide nozzle tool speeds everything up and there’s no job that this DC58 can’t do.

Easier cleaning equals cleaner home

It’s easy to put off vacuuming when there’s only a small bit that needs to be done and the vacuum cleaner needs digging out from the show cupboard. Who can be bothered when you need to find a plug socket, pull the vacuum around to the dirty area and then put it all away again afterwards? No one – the DC58 is your new best friend.

Super small and super lightweight at just 1.6kg, the DC58 is highly effective and powerful for short jobs. With the one-button hygienic bin emptying function, you don’t need to put off empty the machine because it takes a split second and won’t make your clothes dusty.

With a run time of 20 minutes, this is hands down one of the best small handheld vacuum cleaners on the market today and this new DC58 model even has an LED battery indicator so you know how long you’ve got.

Dyson puts technology, usability and customer experience at the forefront of their designs, and thisDyson DC58 Animal Handheld really is worth the price. You get what you pay for, and here you’re paying for gold.

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