AEG AG6106WDT Lithium Wet and Dry Review

AEG AG6106WDT Lithium Wet and Dry

This low to mid range cordless handheld vacuum cleaner from AEG is capable of cleaning up wet and dry messes without damaging the internals of the machine. It’s small and lightweight with a crevice tool inbuilt and has a run time of up to 14 minutes.

Key Points:

  • Wet and dry capabilities
  • Weighs 1 kilogram
  • Run time: up to 14 minutes
  • Two speeds
  • 7.2 volts
  • Small wheels near mouth for smooth surfaces

A fairly basic looking handheld vacuum cleaner, this actually has a little more going for it that looks suggest. With the ability to suck up wet and dry spills, this vacuum means you don’t have to worry about internal corrosion. The wheels are small and soft, allowing you to run the AEG Lithium Wet and Dry vacuum over soft and hard surfaces without leaving marks or scratches.

The charge stand is small and practical, offering many angles for the vacuum to sit at. This means it can even be wall mounted. With a Turbo function, a crevice tool and a LED charge light, this has all the small functions you need and the suction power is reasonable. Good for small spills of loose debris and even wet debris, this is a good kitchen and car vacuum cleaner for those who don’t want to waste time.

AEG AG6106WDT Lithium Wet and Dry Cordless Handheld Vacuum, 7.2 V, Tungsten

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