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Amazing Cleaning – Time Saving Tips!

Make cleaning a breeze by following these easy time saving tips and you’ll have a cleaner room in no time!!!


Some things a cordless vacuum cleaner just wont clean. A hard tiled floor is best vacuumed first to remove dust and small bits but those dirty marks and grime can’t be hoovered off. You’re going to need some hot soapy water to get it really clean. This video below has some good tips.

Remember you don’t need to buy fancy floor cleaning products. Simple washing up liquid and some warm water will do the job just as well. Specific floor cleaning products have chemicals in them that help the water evaporate, but if you’re willing to wait then cleaning floors is just as easy with soap and water. Make sure you vacuum first though!

You will find that almost everything that can’t be vacuumed clean can be cleaned using white vinegar. It’s an amazingly versatile cleaning product, as well as going nicely on top of your chips! (Or so some people claim).

This is an easy tip to do and works really well! Puts vinegar into a plastic bag and then tie it closed around the shower head. Leave it over night and in the morning you will find that the acid in the vinegar had dissolved the calcium deposits inside the shower head. You’ll have a more powerful shower as the water will no longer be blocked.

Vacuuming daily will reduce the amount of dust in the atmosphere in your home and can help keep other perts of your house cleaner too. If you find that shelves and ornaments become dusty very quickly then instead of dusting them directly you could seek to try and reduce the amount of dust in the first place. You can do this by hoovering all soft furnishings regularly. At first you may find you have to do it daily but after a week or so you will find that there is less dust in the air in your house and that overall this will reduce the amount of cleaning you have to do!

A hand held vacuum cleaner (see this guide) will make the task of vacuuming daily much easier. You could also remove your carpets and have hard stone or wood floors. This is a popular option even in cold countries and is especially favoured by the Scandinavians. In the UK people are very much in favour of carpets although mounting modern evidence is that carpets harbour all sorts of dust mites and bugs that can be harmful to health. Not least, they trap dust and dead skin and unless they are cleaned with a powerful vacuum cleaner on a regular basis can they can be bad for you.

How bad? Well, dusty soft furnishings have been linked to all sorts of respiratory ailments and asthma. If you find cleaning your home tedious – you are not alone! – then perhaps suggest to other occupants of your house that regular vacuuming would benefit them too in a variety of ways.

cleaning tips

cleaning tips

And as an added bonus? Well, having a clean home is always a nice thing, there have been many studies showing that a clean and tidy living space promoted better mental health. It can also help you to think more clearly, concentrate batter and lead to an overall happier state of existence. If that’s not a good excuse to vacuum then I don’t know what is!

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